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St. Paul’s is a church in process and we are deeply sensing that our mission is, “Becoming people who live by the love of Jesus Christ and help others discover and experience His love.” During the year 2017 we entered into a process of reimagining what a congregation of people committed to the Lord Jesus Christ should look like. And during 2018 we’re going to dig deeper into discovering the life and ministry that our Lord is calling us into.

We’ll continue to cherish traditional forms of worship but we will not be satisfied with a dry traditionalism. We are intent on creating a church that values: 1) the fact that Jesus calls (Calling) us to follow Him and share His love with others; 2) that God desires to constantly transform (Transformation) our lives as He works out His purposes through us; 3) that all of our relationships, with God and each other, should be esteemed with a real degree of reverence (Reverence); and 4) that we all have abilities (Gifts) through which we can serve God and others, and then find the peace and joy that God gives to His people.

If you are simply interested in joining us for a more traditional worship service, we would love to have you visit us! And if you want to learn more about getting in on the ground floor of a ministry built around the values of Calling, Transformation, Reverence, & Gifts then please contact us! Maybe your gifts and personal calling will be a vital part of the new directions we’ll take in the future!

Founding Partner of the Anglican Church of North America

Services and Schedules
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Summer Service Time:
(7/1/2018 to 9/2/2018)
Sunday at 9:30 AM
Normal Service Time:
Sunday at 10:00 AM

St. Pauls REC
800 Church Road.
Oreland, PA

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SaintPauls Dayschool

The mission of Saint Paul's Nursery School and Day Care Center is to provide Educational Excellence in a Christian Environment. We are State Licensed with an experienced, certified, professional staff.

We offer full and part-time schedules available with 1 to 5-day options. We welcome all children without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age or sex. We have a non-discrimination policy.

Joanne Ford is the school Director and can be reached at 215-233-4333. Normal hours of operation are: 8:00AM - 5:30PM, Monday to Friday.

Checkout our Facebook page for the latest news: SaintPauls Dayschool Facebook Page

Saint Paul's Nursery School and Day Care Center opened its doors to the community on February 1, 1983. Saint Paul's R.E. Church owns the school and continues to operate it as a community outreach program and to provide schooling for its own church families with young children.

We aim to help each child grow emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually in a relaxed, fun and child-centered atmosphere. Short time span activities varying from active and quiet times should help each child develop in each of these areas. Our curriculum will vary according to developmental stages and the individual child's strengths and weaknesses.

Saint Paul's Nursery School and Day Care Center is a non-profit organization dependent upon individual and community support.

Contact Us:
Mailing Address:Saint Paul's Reformed Episcopal Church
800 Church Road
Oreland PA 19075-2595
Office Phone:215-836-5432
Rector:The Rev. John Medvick